The Silver Fern Farms Select Partnership brings together a curated group of leading chefs from across New Zealand. It offers the chosen chefs the opportunity to collaborate more closely with Silver Fern Farms on their shared passion for food over the following year.

Silver Fern Farms’ vision is inspirational food created by passionate people. The respected New Zealand chefs that have been selected for the programme have displayed a thorough understanding and respect of our products and along with their depth of knowledge, skills and expertise to create unforgettable red meat dining experiences.

Through the new programme, the Select Partners will meet with Silver Fern Farmers, to see their passion for their land, animals and food. Chefs can also share this experience with their staff and with discerning diners who care where their food comes from.

Our Plate to Pasture strategy aims to create opportunities that bring our farmers and chefs together, with a select group of respected chefs by our side, we hope to share that passion and our story with New Zealand’s ever increasing food connoisseurs.

Our Select Partnership Chefs